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Services Overview

The service packages presented below are meant for those who are looking to relocate to Europe for living or employment purposes. It also aims to help those who are already abroad and are looking for help moving from one country to another.

The items in each service package have been built based on the most common needs communicated by previous customers of our program. As usual, we can provide the listed services for most regions within Europe (with those restricted or unavailable in certain territories being communicated to you ahead of purchase). You can also purchase services individually (itemized); however, you would no longer benefit from package discounts.

Service Package List

Economic analysis of job market, cost of living and cost of housing $250
Document Translation Costs to be determined
Public Notary/Apostille Support Costs to be determined
Visa Guidance and Support $200
Lodging Assistance (up to 3 viewings) $150
Travel Support Costs to be determined
Insurance Support Costs to be determined
Local security research and support Costs to be determined
Emergency contact service $30
General Practitioner (Doctor) Registration Support $25
Embassy Registration Support $25
Residency Support $25 + additional costs to be determined
Legal Support Costs to be determined
Personalized and targeted CV/Resume development $100
Personalized and targeted Cover Letter development $50
Job search support Costs to be determined

Be advised:

  • Most ASAP services are provided specific to individual needs and therefore are manual and time-consuming in nature. Orientative delivery time will be communicated in advance but may be modified, with prior notice, by ASAP.
  • Any prices communicated are orientative and can vary significantly depending on final destination of choice, applicable discounts, program objective, or needs for items with undetermined additional costs.
  • Items with undetermined additional costs are services that are completely dependent upon your preferences and usually involve additional customization to your needs. They are also usually items that involve 3rd party service providers, verified by ASAP.
    • You may handle these items yourself or you can rely on us to try and get you the best price possible through our business network
    • Items that rely on contracting our verified 3rd party services are not obligatory for your package or program discounts.
    • At the same time, items that rely on contracting our verified 3rd party services do not benefit from package or program discounts on quoted prices, however, through ASAP you can usually get access to prefferential pricing from the respective 3rd party.
    • Should a dispute occur with any 3rd party service provider, ASAP will do its best to mediate and help obtain proper compensation or corresponding penalties on the infringing party.

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