Study Abroad with Military Benefits

Uk and Europe can be an excellent alternative for your Educational Benefits

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GI Bill benefits apply abroad

  • The Veteran Affairs (VA) has already has an increasing database of universities in the UK or Europe, where your GI Bill benefits can be used for your undergraduate or graduate education.
  • You may use benefits even in universities not yet in the VA database as the first GI Bill beneficiary to study there.

GI Bill can cover more in Europe

  • Your GI Bill benefits cover 4 years of study. In Europe this can mean both the 3 year Bachelor as well as a 1 year master depending on the chosen specialization (1 year Master programs are usually related to Business, most Master's are 2 years long). This is possible due to the more depth-oriented approach of European higher education, sacrificing some of the freedom in chosing courses for a more specialized degree.
  • Depending on your destination, the costs of living can be significantly lower for the same standard when compared to the US; as such, your living allowance enables you to maintain a decent lifestyle and even save to cover the second year of a Master program.

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