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Study abroad at top international universities

We provide international educational choices tailored to your needs, both regarding level as well as field of study.

We seek to represent you in your search, rather than market to you on behalf of universities. As such, we build for you an array of options based on your priorities, whether it is university or program ranking, affordability, location, environment etc.

Following your choice of program, we do not leave you stranded. We have a full range of services to cover you throughout the entire relocation process to your chosen destination, including visa processing and travel advice, residency and life services as well as post-graduation services for getting you integrated in the job market.

Consider us your dedicated academic concierge service throughout your study abroad.

Live in the UK or Europe

We have several packages that are suited for those seeking support when moving to the UK or Europe for living or employment purposes.

With our entry package, we aid you at every stage in the settlement process, including visa guidance, travel consultation and settlement arrangements. This package is meant to reduce as much as possible the amount of potential unpleasant surprises

The living support package is aimed at those looking for longterm residency in the host country and covers essential needs such as emergency contact, official and non-official communication intermediation and others.

We also offer recruitment advice and promotion of those interested in starting or changing careers in the UK and EU.

Specialized service for Veterans

Former and active military personnel represent valued customers as we have extensive experience with veterans looking to make the most out of their GI-bill benefits, or simply looking to transfer these rights to relatives.

ASAP as a program is to some extent a direct response to research conducted on transitioning military personnel, who generally have very specific targets when it comes to their education.

GI-Bill beneficiaries can take advantage of the more focused approach of the European higher education system, which can be completed in 3 years for a Bachelor program, with an additional 1-2 years for a Master, due to their targeted specialization philosophy.

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