Military Study Abroad Prices

Program cost overview for military personnel

Our service packages attempt to cover your needs abroad as thorough as possible. Below you will find the key services, with military discount applied, which we can provide for most regions within Europe (services restricted or unavailable in certain territories will be communicated to you ahead of purchase).

You can also purchase services individually (itemized); however, you would not benefit from full package discounts.

Identification, analysis and filtering of suitable university programs according to identified needs and preferences $310
Economic analysis of projected costs of education and costs of living $125
University intermediation (representation) support $60
Application Support – guidance on university applications, application package creation and submission $210 (+$50 per each additional application)
Letter of interest creation support $85
Financial aid application support - GI Bill/FAFSA/Personal Loan $42
Document Translation Costs to be determined
Public Notary/Apostille Support Costs to be determined
Visa guidance and support $170
Lodging assistance (up to 3 viewings) $125
Travel support Costs to be determined
Insurance Support Costs to be determined
Local security research and support Costs to be determined
Intermediation (Representation) Services - per projected year of study $42
Emergency contact service - per projected year of study $26
General Practitioner (Doctor) Registration Support $21
Embassy Registration Support $21
Residency Support $21 + additional costs to be determined
Legal Support Costs to be determined
Personalized and targeted CV/Resume development $85
Personalized and targeted Cover Letter development $42
Graduation promotion in desired Employer markets (Linked In) $42

Be advised:

  • The prices below are orientative and can vary significantly depending on final destination of choice, applicable discounts, program objective or needs for items with undetermined additional costs.
  • Items with undetermined additional costs are services that are completely dependent upon your preferences and usually involve additional customization to your needs. They are also usually items that involve 3rd party service providers, verified by ASAP.
    • You may handle these items yourself or you can rely on us to try and get you the best price possible through our business network
    • Items that rely on contracting our verified 3rd party services are not obligatory for your package or program discounts.
    • At the same time, items that rely on contracting our verified 3rd party services do not benefit from package or program discounts on quoted prices, however, through ASAP you can usually get access to prefferential pricing from the respective 3rd party.
    • Should a dispute occur with any 3rd party service provider, ASAP will do its best to mediate and help obtain proper compensation or corresponding penalties on the infringing party.
  • To qualify for the Military discount you need to be a beneficiary of GI Bill financing from the Department of Veteran Affairs; this includes the veteran or military personnel directly entitled to those benefits as well as their dependents. Visit our GI Bill page for more info.

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