Ways in which we can help you achieve your goals

3 core services, suited to your needs and affordable

As part of our services, we wish to speak with you and establish a relationship so we may help you select the country and university that is most suitable to you. Following up, we wish to streamline your application process as different countries and universities have different requirements in terms of documentation. Finally, after you are accepted and arrive in your destined country, things may get a little tricky if you are not sure where to go, who to speak to, and what questions should be asked. ASAP will coordinate with you to help your transition in your new University easier.

Service Description
Initial Consultation
  • Information exchange
  • Viability Analysis (whether it is possible to go through our program or not)
  • Initial option overview
Academic Counselling
  • Details about universities and academic programs based on your education goals
  • Customized Report on Cost of Living and Education
  • Employability Market Analysis
  • Comparative Option Analysis
University Admission Support
(for selected countries)
  • Passport & Visa Requirements
  • University Application Requirements
  • Official Translation Services
  • Student Application File Handling & Submission
Student Life Services
(for selected countries)
  • Airport Pickup
  • Lodging assistance
  • In-processing
  • Travel advice
  • Cultural advice

Supporting your educational needs abroad

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